King's Telemessaging Services is an award-winning answering service and call center, serving a wide range of professional, business, and medical clients. Our company is held to the highest teleservice industry standards to ensure that every caller is provided with a quality experience.

We were established in 1948 by Aline King as an answering service for the medical industry in the greater Shreveport area.

As telecommunications have evolved over the last 76 years, so have we, constantly keeping on the cutting edge of communications technology.

However, some things haven't changed. Today, we remain family-owned and operated, and while we're advanced enough to serve customers nationwide, we've chosen for our home office to remain in our local community. Our commitment to providing the best service our industry can offer is as strong as ever. And we still firmly believe that even with all the technology available, sometimes callers just want to speak to a real person.